"Frank Spaulding has been my lawyer for the last three years. He has been an invaluable resource of professional insight in matters regarding my family's legal needs, and he won a personal case for me in 2007. I'm truly grateful for his work, there is no lawyer I trust more." - JH


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Spaulding Law PC provides criminal defense representation in Alaska and Washington.
Frank Spaulding successfully defends clients accused of DUI, Domestic Violence, Assault, Burglary, Robbery,
Drug Possession, Sexual Assault, Homocide and other felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Criminal Defense Attorney Frank Spaulding works out of Fairbanks, in Interior Alaska,
but accepts cases from all over Alaska and Washington, including Anchorage, Juneau, Ketchikan, Wasilla, Palmer, Nome,
Barrow and outlying bush communities to Seattle and Spokbane. 




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